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We've decided to cancel the gig of Friday, June 5th, 2015 at Pub De Tempelier.

We apologize, but at this moment we deem ourselves not well-versed enough in our new material to adequately field it before a live audience. To accomplish this, we would, at this stage, have to relinquish too much of what is way more important: continuing work on our new double album. So, we've decided not to show ourselves in public again, until it's finished. More news to follow.

Yoghurt, Arianne and Uncle Sue play Haarlemse Popscene-night at Patronaatcafé tonight. IN THAT ORDER! So note: order of bands and times quoted by Patronaat and others are INCORRECT: venue opens 20:00, Yoghurt will be the first to play, at 20:30. Admission still free!

Yoghurt and others to play Haarlemse Popscene-night at Patronaatcafé on the night of Wednesday, October 30th, 2013.

Freshly refingered Yoghurt to play Schalkwijk Aan Zee, open air festival, on Sunday August 25th 2013, at 14:30.

Yoghurt plays Patronaatcafé on a Thursday 'Haarlemse Popscene'-night. Free entry, 3 bands for the price of none!
NOW HEAR THIS. Guitarist mauls left index finger with sawblade: gig cancelled. Can probably play in future, but needs time to heal.

We're working on new material. Preliminary versions can be found here.

Yoghurt plays Patronaat Haarlem at the farewellparty for Daisy Bell. Photos and video available.

Yoghurt releases a live DVD, of a show performed at the Daisy Bell complex on April 28th, 2005. It is available for sale.

Yoghurt has finished recording new album 'Oh?', to be released on Sunday, September 17th. The album's presentation coincides with a show during the 'Haerlemsche Helden' festival in the Patronaat, Haarlem.